Serfas battery adapter compatibility-
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    Serfas battery adapter compatibility

    Anyone know it Serfas' adapter fits other battery packs? I wanted to use it with my magicshine pack (mj 808u)but didn't want to waste the $ if it didnt work. The connections look similar. Link below.....gracias

    Serfas adapter

    My current light

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    Looking at that page it's hard to say. Does the adapter slide in as a battery replacement in the lighthead? What's the voltage on the battery of the Serfas light. I bet it's 3.7V

    The battery that came with your magicshine is 3.7*2=7.4V . So that would not be compatible.

    Just to be clear, I don't have any direct knowledge of either the Serfas light or the adapter.

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    The stock battery is listed as a 1 cell and does slide into the light head and is 3.7v. I was looking at the website description and lists that their 4 cell battery is compatible with the battery adapter so it confused me even more. It doesn't say whether the battery can run off a larger battery pack or not. I think I will email their customer service and see what they say. Thank you!

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    I originally wrote a post stating that it should work fine as the BAT-4 appears to be a 6600mAh 7.4V battery which is used in some other Serfas lights. However I've changed my view on this because I just found the battery spec which states:

    INPUT : 8.4VDC 1.5A
    RATING : 7.4V 6600mAh
    48.84 Whr
    RATING : 3.7V 13200mAh
    OUTPUT : 5.0VDC 1A

    Now I don't know if they are just giving the native capacity of the cells at 3.7V 13200mAh or whether they are saying that the battery contains a circuit to switch between series and parallel operation and be able to deliver either 3.7v or 7.4v according to what light is plugged in to it.

    A battery that could switch in that way is unusual and is something I've never seen before but it could be possible and might mean that using a 7.4v battery on your light could damage it.

    It is most probable that it is just a normal 7.4v battery and that using a different brand would be fine, but I wouldn't chance it before finding out and I'd be interested to see what Serfas have to say.


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    While the single cell standard battery is 3.7V nominal, it is very possible that the driver in your light will work with a 2S (7.4V nominal) battery. Serfas will have to verify that for you. If the light were disassembled and the driver exposed, a sharp electronics tech could figure out what would work, but better to let Serfas say.
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