Some time ago I've got this light for review from the Hisgadget company but haven't had apropriate time to publish the review. It was tested about month ago while I was on vacations.

I've got the light via in a nice cardboard box:

Besides all the stuff there were user manual and warranty card:

Ingredients which we have interest were light, mount, two USB rechargable 18650 batteries and two red rear lights:

Unpacked they look like this:

Specially interested and new in my hands were USB rechargable Li-Ion batteries:

The light includes 3xAAA adapter and 18650 extender:

It has aspheric lenses:

and an old Cree XR-E led:

Rear red light is nice alu housed with rubber strap:

There are two coind batteries and paper spacer which should be taken out to make contact:

Contact spring:

The mount which can be adopted to different handlebar diameters:

Rear light can be nicely mounted to angled stem:

Front light mounted to the handlebar:

For the test I've made a 580m descend ride during my vacations. It was from the peak of an island down to the sea level. I was riding on somewhat bumpy unpaved road. Unfortunately mount didn't survive. Somewhere on the 2/3rd of my ride upper part broke away. Of course as allways I was using two lights so I wasn't left without light on the descend. Here are the pictures of broken mount:

The rear light was working fine all the time.

The light itself is an old design Cree XR-E zoomy with about 150 lumens out of front. For the nowadays MTB usage way to weak, but if mounted properly it's usable as an backup light. Not the best choice, but usable. It might be more usable as an commuting light when zoomed to it's largest beam angle. In fact you can adjust the angle to your needs.

Besides good rear light there are interesting bateries. On the analayzing charger OPUS BT-3100 I've measured capacity of about 1400mAh which is not bad and good enough for an old XR-E led. The battery can be charged on any USB charger or even on computer. So you don't need separate charger. Nice idea, it is just the capacity for the 18650 size is getting lower. And there were two in the set so you can always have fully charged spare just in case.

All in all I think this light set can be used for commuting/urban purposes rather than MTB light.