Recommend a light for my situation plz-
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    Recommend a light for my situation plz

    Mainly for use on my road bike, but occasionally mountain bike.
    I don't intend to ride at night on purpose, but more like I didn't time my ride well and it started to get dark. So I only need maybe .5 to 1hr worth of light.
    Sometimes it will be descending a twisty road in the mountains in pitch darkness, and sometimes it will be a leisurely stroll around my neighborhood with street lights.
    I do like a nice beam pattern and neutral to slightly warm tint with good CRI if possible.
    Main purpose will be to not accidentally hit anything in the road, especially since my road bike has no suspension.
    Prefer a self-contained unit, i.e. no external battery pack or switches or whatever.
    Maybe 900+ lumens?

    Also, I dunno if I want to deal with lithium batteries. I read about how you have to keep them charged at 70% or else they start to go bad. I don't expect to use this bike light all that often. I do have a fairly sophisticated charger for RC car batteries that can do balance charge.

    What I have been doing these last few times, and actually works mostly ok, is that I bring my Armytek Tiara A1 (AA NiMh battery) headlamp with me. In case it starts to get dark, I just strap it to the handlebar with the headband and run it at full blast. (450-600 lumens) It could be a bit brighter with a purposeful beam pattern, but oh well. One of the nice things about this setup is that I don't need to have a permanent mount bracket on my bike, and I can use it (or not use it) on either bike.

    Maybe something like the Fenix BC30(R), but taking NiMh for shorter run time, but less battery drama.

    Edit: ok, maybe I don't need 900 lumens. Maybe Fenix BC21R?
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    If you dont need 900lm, go for a Fenix BC20
    Fenixlight Limited

    or Nextorch B10+
    NEXTORCH,Pro’s Light-B10(BLACK)

    Since Fenix BC31R has a USB plugin charge option, there's no drama at all.
    And even with BC30, you can use a good universal charger like the LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500.

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    Light and Motion just came out with a 1000 lumen version of the Urban bike light. I have last years highest output Urban lights (trail 850, and urban 800) and can say they are incredibly bright. I use them for road rides mostly (I have a Taz for MTB) and they work great. Small, compact design, and they charge up super fast (if you have the right amperage charger).

    Urban 1000 Fast Charge - Light & Motion
    I'd get this for a commuter light, over the trail version. Those amber side marker lights are very noticeable from almost all angles and def help cars notice you. My 800 lumen version of this is fantastic, so I bet this is even better.
    '16 Kona Honzo AL/DL

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