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    Price for light? Should I buy at all?

    Hi light experts!

    Been meaning to buy the magicshine to do some night biking, but have not gotten around to it. A friend just offered me the following:

    Viewpoint EVO Dual headlight, new in box, never been used. 10wt low, 20wt high NiMH frame mount battery, quick release over the stem bar mount, auto charger w/LED status indicator. total weight 990g.
    I tried searching, but it seems this is an older light and I'm not really sure how much things have changed. Is this still a good light? If so, what is a fair price? I was planning on getting two lights, one helmet and one bar mount. So I guess I could use this as a bar mount and still get a magicshine with helmet mount. Just wondering if it is worth it. Any advice welcome.

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    That is an older light, and one that was good for the price at the time. Today, the NiMH battery and wattage of the light puts it, technologically, off the back and deeply challenged for value because of that pesky Magicshine that's brighter, lighter and lasts longer while on. Lights have changed a LOT.

    I think that light is worth $30, maybe $40. Sorry to him. Hey, I still use old halogen lights that are way older and they're great (especially as loaners for people you slyly addict to night riding), but the Magicshine is so good at so cheap that I will not even repair the old lights again.

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    I also wouldn't recommend using this light in combination with the magicshine. The color of the light and the quantity of light will be so dramatically different that the magicshine will drowned it out. Most people prefer bar / helmet lights that are more closely matched than you'll have with the viewpoint and magicshine together.

    Plus, NiMH batteries don't do well if they aren't charged at least once a year. There's a very good chance the battery will have very poor capacity at this point.

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    Bagwhan, unless the friend is giving it to you and the battery is still working, I would forget about it and buy either a M.S or a nice P-7 torch.

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