PNW Downhilling at night on the cheap-
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    PNW Downhilling at night on the cheap

    Hey all,

    Back in the day, I used to ride XC at night two or three times a week. But switching to night shifts due to the industries I am involved with, I have had the luxury of riding in the light hours and my lights have, for one reason or another, degraded and are worthless. Previously, i ran German first run magic shines and later on cheap amazon goes. I did at one point have a BT40s, but it got left in some water after only a couple rides with it.

    Anyhow! Iím looking to get back in to night riding. I wonít be doing it much. Maybe once a week. At most. Iím in low paying jobs as well as am back in school, so spending tons of money on a setup I really donít need is well.. just not going to happen. Iím setting my budget around $200. But if thatís not enough for what Iím trying to do, well, Iíll likely just go without it and not ride at night.

    I live in the Seattle area and mostly ride the more DH oriented trials around here. Many of them unmentionable. Hard tech, jumps and steeps are all fair game. Sure, I realize that some of this stuff would be a little more difficult at night EVEN with very expensive high powered lights, but some trails will be just fine (Predator at Tiger for instance). Bellingham at night is also a game I like to play having lived there in the past and possibly moving back at some point.

    What can I get?

    I see the Ituo lights are cheap.
    The M-Tiger Theia 3000 is $150 right now. Pairing that with another BT40s seems like it might be a good way to go?
    Other options?


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    I just rode predator last night with my new Ituo XP3

    It's extremely bright, I'd prefer just a bit more flood (which can be changed with different optics).

    I don't think you can go wrong with an XP2 and XP3 which is just a little more than your $200 budget.

    You're welcome to try my light out and see what you think.

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