Hey Folks...how's it going? I'm new to the forum and have been riding MTB for 10 years. Do a fair share of night riding across open fields and back roads from time to time. Typically use a LED Lenser headlamp. Also like the pulse-mode for daytime riding to get the attention of distracted motorists.

Question for you: I'm looking to add a new handlebar mounted headlamp with (1) a quality mount that can withstand impacts from the trail and (2) a remote switch so that I can dim the light for oncoming bikers or vehicles.

So far I have narroed it down to the following:

  • Niterider Remote 2800
  • Gemini Titan 4000
  • Light & Motion Seca 2500

Which one of these is going to have the better build and longevity? Any experience would be appreciated.