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    Good job! Philips SafeRide -- improving the usability

    (Mods, please move to the DIY section if more appropriate).

    For commuters and utility cyclists, the Philips SafeRide is a real winner. After seeing the shootout beamshots, I bought one and it's been great.

    The only problem, as several here have already remarked, is the stupid way the light automatically turns itself down or off before the batteries are fully exhausted.

    Of course, a simple fix is to swap out the fatigued batteries for fresh ones. But to get at them requires removing the back of the light (bottom, really) which is held on by an M3 socket-head machine screw. Philips do provide a hex key for removing the screw, but since they don't provide any sort of holster or retainer, that key would disappear even faster than Jacobs-chuck keys do unless tethered.

    If you own the Topeak Alien fold-up toolset, it has an M3 key, so that's a cheap, simple alternative to trying to preserve the Philips hex key.

    It seemed to me, tho, that the right solution would be a thumbscrew, and after a good bit of searching, I found just the thing in the McMaster-Carr catalog ( Stock number 92581A140 is the 12mm length, which allows the head to be screwed flat to the body, thus keeping it closed.

    I thought I was going to have to relocate the mounting bar a little to the rear in order for the 12mm diameter head to clear it, but not so. The knurled edge of the head just liiiiiightly touches the mount. I screwed it in and out a few times and it's clearly scraping a tiny trough to give itself a sukoshi more clearance.

    In less than 2 minutes time you can have the fatigued batteries out, the fresh ones in, and be off, no tools required (just don't drop the screw -- I bought 2 of them because I always drop the screw. At night. In the snow.)

    The screw itself is only $2.66, but the shipping & handling was a horrible $5.25. Had I known, I'd have bought a couple dozen or so and offered them here at cost - a bubble envelope and postage shouldn't be more than 90¢ each, if that.

    Apologies for not having photos to illustrate how neat and OEM-like this mod is, but I don't have a functioning digital camera at present.
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