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    p7 flashlights as bike lights

    So my deal extreme order just came in, a spiderfire ssc p7 900 lumen flashlight. It is alot brighter and flooder than my older fenix tk11r2, so initially it is a good deal. I already had a charger and batteries so I ordered this instead of the magic shine. Ive read a few passing comments on threads and reviews about using these torches for night riding. Other than frequent battery changes, is there any down side to going this route? I noticed the light got quite hot in a few minutes of burn time, im hoping this wont be an issue on the trail. Anyone out there have experience with this setup?

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    I use this flashlight on the bars with a homebrew LED on the helmet. On one night lap of a team race it managed to stay lit for 1:15 on a freshly charged battery. Yes, they get pretty warm when you have them on in your hand but on the bar at race pace I had zero problems.

    In fact, one of my team mates used my identical spare flashlight on the lap before me and was all smiles when he came in saying he had people pulling over in the race because of the bright lights

    Anyway, mounting can be problematic but not impossible. I carry two extra batteries when I'm out which will give me easily 3 hours of riding.

    In short, it's a cheap and in some cases brighter light than the 'official' manufactured bike lights.
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