Ongoing review. Gloworm 6800 mah battery with ds-500-
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    Ongoing review. Gloworm 6800 mah battery with ds-500

    This is for one with the newer New Zealand custom designed gauge.

    I like the fuel gauge. If you dont finish charging you still at least know how much charge you have left. And it is in 10% increments instead of 20% increments like with the lupine. No beep sound at different charge levels though, but the lupine beep was so faint as to be useless.

    The end cap doesn't come off like with lupine.

    Feels high quality.


    The rubber bumper it comes with isn't glued to the battery when you get it so mine got dirty and was unusable when it fell off. I had thought it was attached already. I will just have to get a new one.

    It charges slow, especially later on in the charge cycle. Although this could be seen as an advantage as it should be easier on the battery and cause it to last longer.

    This is after 2 weeks. More info as time goes on.

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    Thanks for posting info on new glowworm packs. Couple details to clear up though that apply to ALL battery packs as all packs are basically the same.

    Charging time has 0 to do with the battery pack besides the capacity. So a longer charge time can only be due to a higher capacity pack if same charger is being used between 2 different packs.

    If you want packs to charge faster, buy a better charger.

    EVERY CHARGER FOR LITHIUM BATTERIES decreases it's output as pack gets closer to being fully charged.

    Nice too see they are getting the fuel gauge system working better but I would never buy a pack with one. A pointless addition imo that just adds something else that can have issues.

    The rubber pad matter, that's definitely something users will like to know so they can correct if needed.

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