Once in a Blue Moon ride

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  • 04-01-2018
    Once in a Blue Moon ride
    I was really glad today was relatively warm enough for a ride. I had planned a Mt. bike ride but with the slight showers we had yesterday I thought it better to just ride on the road. Funny but this time I thought I had over-dressed but when I got outside I saw that I had made the right choice. Still cold once the sun drops. Crystal clear skies made watching the rise of the full ( blue ) moon something to remember.

    Tomorrow I'm thinking I just might get that first Mt. bike ride in of the year. Hopefully the trails will be dry enough to make it worth the effort. Now I just have to figure out where I want to ride. I know it will still get cold at night but seeing I am fighting cabin-fever I'll have to make do and just make sure I have some extra clothes along if it gets too cold. I'm looking forward to trying the new torch I bought last year on a Mt. bike ride. Since I already know how well it works on the road ( helmet mounted ) I can't wait to try it on dirt.
  • 04-01-2018
    We missed the Blue moon here by an hour and a half. :cryin:

    At the end of Jan I organised an overnight 200km ride for the supermoon/lunar eclipse/blue moon. We missed that blue moon by about two hours.The clouds cleared around midnight and I caught the 2nd half of the eclipse. Stunning ride.

    A 400k in December was interesting, at the start of the night the moon was not quite full but by the end it was.

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