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    Olight S2R headlight with 3D printed Mount

    I have some blackburn LED headlights that work well for a flood but I didn't do much night riding because I couldn't see very far ahead. Been looking to buy a good beam light for a while but never got one. I did however get the Olight S2R flashlight as a Christmas gift and really like it. USB rechargeable, good battery life, powerful beam, magnetic base and small size. It is a bit expensive but I got it as a gift. I had it clipped to my helmet for a few night rides but last night I finally 3D printed a simple handlebar mount for it. The mount needs a bit of work and hasn't been tested on a trail yet so it will most likely be updated later on.

    I really like this setup and find myself using this flashlight all the time around the house. The fact that it now doubles as a bike headlight is even better.

    You don't have to get the Olight. There are other companies that make similar EDC style flashlights that run off of the 18650 battery. Olight seems to be one of the more expensive brands. But the S2R was my top choice because it was the most compact model with similar features.

    Olight Specs:
    -Has 5 power levels between 0.5 and 1020 lumens
    -At 500 lumens it lasts 3 hours 20 minutes
    -Weight 101.5g
    -Aluminum Body
    -18650 USB rechargeable and replaceable battery.

    Olight S2R headlight with 3D printed Mount-olight-s2r-handlebar-1.jpg
    Olight S2R headlight with 3D printed Mount-olight-s2r-handlebar-2.jpg
    Olight S2R headlight with 3D printed Mount-olight-s2r-handlebar-3.jpg

    Not sure if this goes here or in the DIY lights area. It wasn't really a big DIY project so I guess it's a toss up.

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    Olight makes some nice torches. My only criticism is that for biking I would like at least 600 lumen for the mid-mode. 500 lumen is great if used on the bars but for helmet use I would prefer at least 600.

    I use a little Olight S1 as my EDC and have it with me ( on my belt ) at all times. When MTB'ing I use it as a back-up to my bar lamp. Oh, BTW, the clip on these are removable. You can remove it if it gets in the way of your bar mount.

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    I was really split on getting the S1R or the S2R. (Thankfully I didn't have to choose because the S2R was a gift.) Hows the S1 for carrying around? The S2R isn't terrible but if it were any bigger I wouldn't take it around with me.

    I decided to leave the clip on because it mostly lives clipped to my pocket where my knife use to be. It also works as a second safety measure to keep it attached to the bike in case the 3D printed mount fails.

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