Official Flashlight/Headlamp Setup & Discussion Thread-
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    Official Flashlight/Headlamp Setup & Discussion Thread


    I only last night did my first night ride and was very pleased with my gear. I have been using a decent compact flashlight for other chores often and knew there were users on here that used them for night riding - but finding mounting and information wasn't exactly easy when it came time to make a choice.

    For those that curious about flashlights for night riding purposes, there are quite a few benefits.

    1. Most use a common 18650 lithium ion battery. This means no external battery pack with dangling wires.
    2. Size - most flashlights are rather compact and lightweight.
    3. A huge variety of lights with ranging colors/outputs/sizes.
    4. Prices are on the lower side when compared to bike specific lights - especially when looking into higher output lights.
    5. Utility - once you're off the bike, they can be used for other purposes.

    Bike specific lights are great - but I wanted to create a thread of useful information on the alternative route of flashlights/headlamps. I know there are a handful of users that know a lot more than I do and can contribute to the thread.


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    I used a Zebra Light SC64c on the helmet. I actually ordered it by mistake thinking it was an SC600. But I ordered it based on the specs (Neutral White and high CRI) and figured I would try it out. I'm extremely pleased with the SC64c, the amount of color that I was able to see while riding in the dark was fantastic - nothing was flooded in white. The size is on the small side so that was a plus as well.

    Using Two Fish U-Hooks as some friends suggested and they worked like a champ.

    Here is a comparison pic (I know the pic is somewhat useless without all sorts of details) but figures I would show it anyways.

    The SC64c is on the left and a BT-40/Magicshine Battery on the right. I do have the MJ-872 light, but decided to use the BT-40 as its a bit warmer and wanted to try and match colors better.

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