Not ready to throw the HID away yet...-
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    Not ready to throw the HID away yet...

    I recently bought the MS 900 for some long night riding. Before this, my setup was a bar mounted niterider HID with water bottle battery. I got the MS 900 cause I wanted to free up water bottle cage for my road bike (never issue for mtn bike since I have a camelback for water).

    I powered up my MS900 and its BRIGHT but I dont think its as bright as my niterider HID. 2 years ago, I made a new battery pack from batteryspace. I replaced the old NiCD batteries with 4/3 NiMH batteries so I could use the stock charger. It lightened up the bottle, but gave me much longer run times. Total battery voltage for my homebrew battery pack was 13.2V so Im pretty much stock.

    Im reading that the NR HID is about 500-600 actual lumen and the MS is 400-500 actual lumen. According to my uncalibrated eyes, Id say that that estimate is pretty accurate.

    For mtn riding, Ill leave the HID on the bars and go with MS for the helmet.

    Im not slamming MS. I still think its an upgrade from the HID for the following reasons: 1) total system weight is MUCH lighter than the NR setup 2) MS has low mode to extend run times another 1.5 hours 3) MS has flash mode which is great for commuting and driver alert to your presence. 4) Cost - I bought the MS system for $80. The NR system was $250 before I invested another $80 on NiMH batteries 3 years ago. 5) Reliability - I notice that the HID is harder to fire up when battery voltage is low or if it hasnt been used in a while. LED seems to work with less fiddling. Its ON when you want it ON!

    I thought Id be retiring the HID with the new MS LED system, but that is not the case. It will replace my HID on my commuter bike and augment my lighting for mtn bike rides. I hope this information helps guys that have the HID system and thinking of the MS upgrade.

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    Hell, I sometimes use my old NightSun Maxes with rebuilt battery bottles, and my son's using my Lume HID...but I'm waiting for the shop to stock the MS900 for him, anyway. Magicshine is brighter than the HID in my case.

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    Well certainly there is no need to just toss such a well made, great performing HID.
    However when something tanks, pretty much your going to be at the cost of a complete new MS900...
    The HID bulb alone is a killer...

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    I used to run a NR HID too and when I bought a Lupine Wilma LED light, going on three years ago now, I thought I would retire the HID. Instead I ended up running the NR HID on the bars and the Wilma on the helmet for a while and it worked fine. I ended up buying a second Lupine LED light later and retired the NR HID. I even picked up a MS 900 one year ago and the output seemed equivalent to my NR HID except that the HID had the bluer tint.

    You might also consider selling the NR HID light while it is still working and buy another Magicshine with the money. If you happen to burn out or break that NR HID bulb it will cost your more than the whole magicshine light to replace so that is something worth considering. Since it seems you have been using your HID for a few years, you don't know how much longer the bulb will last.

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