NiteRider Slickrock 900 HID-
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    NiteRider Slickrock 900 HID

    Does anyone here have any pics or video of this light in action?
    Also, for those who own this light, how do you like it?


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    I don't know how many people own this light around this forum, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was none. Why, because we have LED lights available that can give similar output along with all the other advantages of LED. So HID is becoming more obsolete each year. I owned two NR HIDs and I enjoyed them at the time, but they have been long retired now.

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    I would love to hear some comments on this light as well.

    Nightride claims 920 lumen. My friend has one, bought it for 500 bucks which I think its quite a lot for a HID light that runs on NiMH and only 2:15 run time.

    He said its very bright but I found it very BLUE! Its hard to see when I was riding behind him how bright it was but if I was using it, I think it will kill my eyes as its so blue.

    I am not a fan of HID. I like halogen more (yes there are down sides as well) but it gives more 3D view, softer on the eye and there are shadows. HID just looks really bright (esp if you look into it) and it makes you feel its bright coz its WHITE.

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    I've considered some of these older HID setups now that the pricing is pretty low because of the competition with LED technology. I saw a light HEAD (no battery) on Pricepoint for pretty cheap. I already have a battery that would work so it was pretty tempting.

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    I rode with a couple guys who had the Slickrock 900. One of them had just gotten the light head, and used it with his existing Niterider battery pack, and it would sometimes turn off unexpectedly. The other had the whole system, I believe.

    I didn't get to do a detailed comparison of the beam patterns, but my impression was that my Seca 700 was considerably better.

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