Nitenumen mod with Gloworm XS elliptical/flood optic?-
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    Nitenumen mod with Gloworm XS elliptical/flood optic?

    I'm inspired and hopeful that the Nitenumen's wide/down angle light can be modified to use Gloworm XS elliptical/flood optic or similar to achieve a sharper cutoff than the factory wide lens. My rides would be 1-2 hr on city streets, combined with unlit paved paths where a long throw is good to spot flesh and blood obstacles in the path way before I get to them. Really helpful if it's groups of 2 legged animals I want to avoid.

    But that far-reaching throw isn't so good for oncoming traffic, so i'm looking for a hi-beam/lo-beam setup, and the Nitenumen dual switch / dual light seems close to fitting the bill.

    Is this likely, or worthwile mod, even if I have to cut/shape the Gloworm optic to fit? (i.e. hack with a dremel and sandpaper)

    Nitenumen (ref: GJHS)
    Name:  Nitenumen BC-A2 pic by GJHS.jpg
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    Gloworm XS elliptical/flood optic (ref:Action-Led)
    Name:  Gloworm X2 & XS Wide Angle Optic.jpg
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    I want it to look like this:

    YinDing with Gloworm Wide Angle Optic (ref: MRMOLE)
    Name:  YinDing with Gloworm Wide Angle Optic by MRMOLE.jpg
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    These are the threads I read through. Thank you for such great details. This is one alternative, or maybe just go with one of the Fenix shaped beam lights, but I don't think they would work as well.

    Anyway, it's an idea.... and if context helps, I promise to ride the singletracks on my mtb at night with it...
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    Easiest thing to do is to put an elliptical lens in front... these will just widen out the beam.

    Adhesive Backed - L2 LED Optics

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    Cool-blue Rhythm

    Hi znomit! I had no idea: "L2 Spot Base Module Lens - Oval 8X25 Degree Viewing Angle," less than a buck, no shipping charge. This says 25 deg, so I think I don't understand - if my beam angle is 90 deg, how does this make is wider? (cheap to test obviously, but I would like to learn a little about mod'ing LED lights.

    I'm about a month away from purchasing, so lots of time to read and change my mind more than a few times. Ya, I should just purchase and get on with it, but am ordering a small pile of bike tools so I can quit borrowing my boy's tools.
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