Niteflux Photon 8 - the new Joystick?-
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    Niteflux Photon 8 - the new Joystick?

    While I was whining about a P7 / MCE Joystick (or rather about the lack of it) Niteflux had silently introduced it - errr, almost....

    The good:
    Head can be attached to battery, to form a flashlight-like single unit. Output on high is ~500 lumens, dunno about the beam shape, anyone wants to review it? ;-)

    The bad:
    the standard battery configuration (3 cell) plus head plus mount is quite heavy when mounted on a helmet (>400 gramms!), definitely not good. Except if it is possible to use their 1 cell battery, in which case it gets almost acceptable (~250 gramms). Runtimes would suffer, of course, and it also lacks a middle ~250 lumens setting (which should last about 3 hours - I'd ride by my Dinotte 200L any time if I had to). The flash mode is completely unnecessary IMHO, especially if it must be cycled through every time.

    The "dunno":
    wide optics. Well, might not work for some, I'd try it before I buy it...maybe their "wide" is as wide as others' "spot"...

    And the best: price is 250$. Which is of course much more than a crappy DX flashlight, but for a quality product with this amount of output is rather fine by me. It is exactly in the Joystick's range.

    Now Niteflux, can you please get the weight of the complete system just under 200gr?

    I'm also waiting for more competitors to announce their offerings - things are getting better and better for the end user....

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    Looks like these are offered with choice of optics..(?) For helmet use the medium optic looks to be the best. For bar use...well...depends. If you like super wide then get the wide optic otherwise the medium has better throw. Note: the medium optic was shown on a model similar to the Enduro 8. I don't know if the optics are interchangeable..

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    I run the Enduro4 as a helmet light and it works well. The light head isn't too heavy, noticably lighter than my TriNewt was, and the battery goes in my jersey pocket (sticks out a bit). The Enduro 8 single should only be better.

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