Nitefighter charger indicators-
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    Nitefighter charger indicators

    I'm charging my BT40S for the first time. The LED indicator on the charger started out red. After an hour or so, it started blinking red and green. The manual says red is charging and green is fully charged. No mention of blinking red and green.

    Any ideas?

    EDITED: Now it's staying steady green for 5 seconds, flashing red, and back to green for 5 seconds. I'm guessing this is how it indicates it's getting close to full charge. Pretty cool.

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    Ya it like a "trickle" right at the end. As the cells settle, the 2 halves balance, and then charger sees the voltage drop a little so kicks on. After a couple charges and cells fully settle in, the blinky doesn't last long before just goes green. Only time I dont get the blinky hardly (if I even notice it if it happens) is on my fenix cases with unprotected cells I balanced before I started using them.

    Definitely a nice way to show it with the blinky though, for those days where your not so patiently waiting for them to charge "enough"

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    I noticed the same thing as OP. This could be the unit operating in a mode that allows the battery to self balance but that's just a guess.

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    I think it is just the voltage settles down a bit after charging stops. Then the charger detect it is below the limit and charges more. This process should end after few cycles otherwise the battery cells are not so high quality.
    I don't have any of those devices so can't check with voltmeter/ammeter.

    Something similar to this:

    Source: Test/Review of HuanGao Universal Dual Channel AC Charger HG-1206W |

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    I know ive opened and verified the cells etc. And it does it with any 2s2p pack I have, if it does it on a 2s fenix im yet to notice is it, but 2s2p regardless of cells it does it, just duration depends on how balanced the 2 halves are.

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