Nice custom light.-
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    Wink Nice custom light.

    Hi peeps! Its been a while!

    Gotta love these crazy Japanese Heres a mate of a mates page. The dude lives in Gunma, a little way off from me, but hes one of the crazy ones. A real genius. He plays multiple instruments including a wicked electric violin and the keyboard. He composes and conducts. He is a hardcore programmer and also a real old school engineer, preferring pencil and set squares and he has a full on workshop. Hes also loaded, and buys ridiculously esoteric tools to do mundane things in interesting ways, Rube Goldberg style. Like building his own Segway just to drive along his garden path to his garage.

    He and I share two loves. Really bright lights and the legendary IBM T221 monitor, of which we have five between the two of us.

    Anyway I was just trawling his page for interesting stuff and remembered an old project of his IIRC he was 19 at the time.

    oLEDd 150W 11000[ SSC-P7 `zycMedias`

    It appears he uses SSC-P7 based generic torches going by his assumption of about 900 DX Sinolumen each. Twelve of them give him 11kSlm (kiloSinolumens).

    I love his integrated copper heat syncing and generally serious attention to cooling! Good machine work too.

    I have to hand it to him, once again for sheer impractical brilliance. Like buying a $1000 yen turner with money he made from a (clearly lucrative) part time job to build a $250 torch. Ace! That and the fact that it is almost certainly useless for anything except perhaps orbital platform based deer hunting. So please take a few moments to admire his diligence and attention to detail. The final device would look nice on an ED-209.

    It really is too bad that after all the effort, he lacks a decent money shot, with a chicken liver 20% output. Still, the last photo a serious LOL (And why its slightly relevant for this thread)
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    Thanx for the archive GraXXoR, you did actually get a belly laugh out of me on that final photo. Cheers!!

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