New glasses - Anti-reflective coating or not-
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    New glasses - Anti-reflective coating or not

    I've been night riding for years with prescription glasses and never had an AR coating on my lenses. I'm in the market for a new pair of glasses and curious if anyone has knowledge as to if anti-reflective coatings make a difference while night riding. Unlike driving or riding on the road, the only bright light source on the trails is the headlamp shining away from you, so the circumstance seems a bit different than the normal justification for AR lenses.


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    I've used AR ( anti-reflective ) coating on my glasses for as long as I can remember that they first began to offer it as an option. Made a big difference when I first transitioned over to AR. For the most part I can't tell you if it makes a big difference while MTB at night. Where it makes a difference is either riding on the road at night or driving at night. Makes a difference during the day too because as I recollect, I remember being able to see the reflection of my own eye at times and that was a little strange. The AR coating put an end to that. I should also add that it makes a big difference to your personal appearance as well because other people can see your eyes more clearly and that is a big, big plus especially with the opposite sex.

    Keeping along the same subject line, helps big time if your bike lights have AR lenses as well. With AR lens more light is transmitted OTF. While it might not make a real big difference almost all the brand name lamps and torches included AR front lenses so there is definitely something to it that makes it worth having.

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