Need your help: Carbon fiber titanium EDC LED flashlight kickstarter-
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    Need your help: Carbon fiber titanium EDC LED flashlight kickstarter

    Hi MTBR- I have been feverishly working on designing an LED flashlight over the past year. I am getting ready to launch the light on Kickstarter November 10th, and would love your feedback. This is in no way a solicitation, just looking for your unbiased opinion. Thanks for looking.

    Here are some of the specs:

    Cree XP-L high output LED
    1, 300 and 1000 lumen settings
    Polycarbonate Lens
    IPX8 water submersible
    Aluminum Core
    Titanium End Caps and Button
    Carbon fiber handle
    18650 battery
    1.18" OD (30mm) X 5.25" Long
    1" mountable (when carbon sleeve is removed)

    Name:  bM3Upa.jpg
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    Here are a few color options I've been considering - carbon tube painted, titanium end caps wither natural or chromium tungsten coated black
    Name:  QSRE4N.png
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    Here is a picture of the FL with and without the carbon tube. The carbon tube removed gives you a 1" mount option and a more tactical look.

    Need your help: Carbon fiber titanium EDC LED flashlight kickstarter-capture.jpg

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    Looks interesting. I like the look thr thr straight black, carbon, and silver versions.

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    I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the carbon-fiber tube except that it gives some aesthetic appeal. That said I'm not sure that such a tube wouldn't hamper the torches ability to dissipate heat. The most important qualities that make for a desirable torch are the basics; The LED used, the optic / reflector used, the ability to repel moisture, the type of driver and the user interface that operates it.

    The more extensive the user interface the more usable the torch is to various buyers. Personally I like a very extensive UI, one that offers a multiple choice mode menu. Since there are already torches that offer this option it should be considered when developing a new product.

    Beam pattern and beam tint is also important. Cyclist want something than can function as a bike lamp. The beam pattern can't be too narrow or too wide. I should also mention that the newer "warm-neutral white" LED's are becoming very popular. Still, "Cool white" LED's will continued be wanted by many.

    Also important that the design dissipates heat well. The power switch should be able to hold up to regular use and be user friendly and functional. The torch body should not have any sharp edges that might tear a hole if stored in a pocket. It should be able to tail stand or to stand on the front if needed.

    What I took my time to described to you already exists. If you are able to add something else to increase the products usability that could be a big plus. I've not seen a small EDC torch with a "user programmable menu", something like that would be interesting if done in a compact EDC format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat-man-do View Post
    I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the carbon-fiber tube ...
    This was my first thought as well. If this is the feature that is supposed to set the flashlight apart you'd better be going somewhere with it.

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    Looks great!

    Have you posted on the various flashlight forums?

    Good luck.

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    Looks great to me...interesting as I am in the market for a small "EDC" light for my day-to-day bag/car etc. What is the price point? I think that for me at least, using a standard AA battery etc. is more convenient for EDC than an 18650. Ti and carbon fiber are sexy. What is the user interface like? I personally would just like on/off for EDC...not a lot of drama.
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    Might be of interest to cyclists to see a sleeve designed with a built in GoPro adapter.

    Question; You stated outputs modes as > 1-300-1000 lumen. Is the low mode one lumen? That's not very much light ( this might be referred to as moonlight? ). Might be useful to backpackers when low level light is needed for very close in but not much use otherwise.

    I have a torch that offers a UI with a firmware that has over ( I think ) 15 menu choices. The menus vary both the number of modes, intensity of the modes and whether or not the user wants flash modes or memory function. A little confusing but nice to have.

    Like I said before a UI that would allow the user to program each mode "separately" would be much more easier to work with. An ideal programmable "mode" menu might included 10 discreet light levels and a couple flash options. Would also be nice to be able to chose whether or not you want the torch to utilize "memory". Personally I like "memory" because if I turn the torch off I can turn it back on and it comes back on in the last mode that I used. Works for me.

    The torch I now have I have set-up as follows; 4-modes with memory > moonlight mode, low-5% ( ~45lm), mid-mode ( ~ 500 lm ), High ( ~ 1000 ). Moonlight I use for stealth purpose. Low is useful for slow climbs or walking. Mid-mode great for all around riding. High, downhills or fast riding. I also have the option for using just 3-modes. Always nice to have options. Options are what sells.

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