Need new lights.. going cheapish.. hows my plan?-
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    Need new lights.. going cheapish.. hows my plan?

    So my Light & Motion HID Li-ion battery is on its way out and i dont think its worth replacing the pack as it really isnt all that bright by today's standards anyway, so..

    Was thinking of trying the BT40 since its so well reviewed, in addition to possibly one of the latter two from this post- in conjunction with a trustfirst battery box (which i have good cells for from something else)
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    If we are talking only about suitable KD lights then:

    - SS X5 is good for paved roads/urban and has NW leds option, mount is bit shakey, has two beam types. (near, far). User interface need some time to get used to, but can operate each led separately.

    For MTB bar use
    - KD S023818 (part number) - NW leds, can be modified for 20mm TIR lenses

    For MTB helmet use:

    -Geniue NW SS X2 from KD if you want to stay on cheapo side. No that is soo good (still needs internal inspection and adding thermal paste), but comes with NW leds XM-L2 3C.
    - KD BL2S - bit wider beam
    - KD2 same TIR lenses as above, has the best user interface but it needs some tweaking for heat transfer. Not waterproof. Yes, there is thread about it.

    All above has NW leds about 3C.
    I also have one of these sf-90 lights from a year or two ago that still works well but the beam pattern is so damn narrow it's about useless for trail riding (mine has a smooth aluminum reflector) --> Does anyone know a replacement reflector/lens that will fit and widen it out? (measures about 35mm)

    If not, what else should i look at for a good helmet light if not one from the quote above?

    other light advice entirely??


    possibly useful info:
    i dont night ride all that much these days, maybe once every week or two out of necessity in the winter
    ride rocky fast east coast singletrack
    looking to spend dunno $75-100ish ?

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    BT40 was on my short list of "proven" light heads, plus it's on amazon prime. I'd add a 6800 mah battery from Hunk_Lee on ebay for $30 shipped. WIth the power draw of the BT40 and 6800 battery, you should be able to run high mode at 4hrs.

    I ended up getting a C&B Seen 3up headlamp for a few bucks more and 2 Hunk Lee battery. Been a sound setup so far. I look forward to running them allot this winter

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    For OP reflector you will need exact measurments, not only diameter but also height and hole. Then try to look here: There are many....
    See also:

    For bar use for your SF90 you might try to use such lens to get oval beam.
    Yo might get it also from Action... as you could see above.
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