Decided to take an inventory of my lights and compare them to each other, along with taking a close look at the batteries and chargers that I have.

So far, I'm impressed with my newest light, the basic Magicshine MJ-900. It's a $60 light that's bright, light weight, and has a decent run time.

Second is the Magicshine MJ-880 clone, it's very bright as well, almost as bright as the MJ-900.

Third is an original SolarStorm twin LED light, it's not as bright as the first two but the runtime is very good.

Last is the original Magicshine MJ-808, bought it several years ago, it's been a reliable light.

On a Safety Note, one the really cheap 1A (power supply) chargers I have was putting out over 10V, pretty scary, I won't be using this charger in the future, I'll probably toss it in the scrap bin. I think this charger came with my original Magicshine MJ-808 but not 100% sure. Maybe it was the charger that cause the dreaded Magicshine battery recall, who knows, that's old history.

Here is what I have in a couple charts, I will update the sheets as I add more new items, I have some new batteries and lights on order.

Happy to answer any questions.