MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-
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    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos

    Decided to take a few photos and compare some in-the-garage beam –shots from my lights…most of these are often discussed here so may answer some folk’s questions.

    Currently, I have:

    • Magicshine 808 w/SSC P7. The one I used on my bar has the wide-angle lens. Used these up until this year for night riding/18 hours races. To me..these are great but I they aren’t quite bright enough now that I have used other lights. Would be interested to use one of the newer XM-L2 versions - great helmet light/like the look/size. The wide-angle lens kills the output a bit and I always felt I needed the bar light to throw light further/be brighter.

    • Yinding (Gemini Duo clone) w/CREE XM-L2 U3. Got this at Wallbuys…seems to be the “good one” discussed in the Yinding threads. Replaced both optics with the 45-degree ones from LEDDNA. Use on my bar. Ridden a bit, will use during 18 hour race this Sept. So far, love this light! V. small and lightweight. Gets extremely hot on high. Has a nice warm color.

    • Solarstorm X2 w/CREE XML U2. Received as payment “in-full” for mechanic work on friends bike, think he got it from Wallbuys. Using on helmet currently, great spotlight, relatively light weight. Seems to stay cool. Will use with the Yinding in 18 hour race.

    • Solarstorm X3 w/CREE XML U2. Got off Ebay. Haven’t tested yet but is very heavy and to me, doesn’t offer any advantages over the Yinding. Will be for kids or a spare. Wouldn’t want this on my helmet due to weight/bulk; best for bar.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide1.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide2.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide3.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide4.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide5.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide6.jpg  

    MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos-slide7.jpg  

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