Mount a Zebra Headlamp to my helmet with a GoPro mount, looking for advisement-
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    Mount a Zebra Headlamp to my helmet with a GoPro mount, looking for advisement

    Currently looking to add a helmet light to compliment my bar light for winter riding. Will be used for trail fatbiking in the snow. Lots of details below of what I am looking at. Looking for advise on the mount situation.

    I currently run a bar light right now. A Fenix BT20, runs on two 18650 batteries in a remote pack. This light is absolutely awesome on the bars.

    For this time of the year a wear a Kali Saha Helmet, not a lot of vent holes to add a strap. Pretty much the same as a skate style helmet.

    I am open to other ideas for lights. I need a single cell 18650 light with a spotish beam. My current thought is the Zebra H600w Mk II with the 12d spot/80d spill. I am not looking to light up woods like a football field, just want to increase my night visibility. I think about 600 lumens would be enough. My 750 on the bars is plenty of light.
    I thought about a Fenix BT20 on the helmet too, but I dont want to deal with the battery pack on the helmet or a cord to my backpack which I may or may not be wearing. The other thought is the Fenix BC30, but thats a larger light, and two cell, wanted a single cell to keep the weight down. Another thought is just mount a Fenix TK22 to the dome, but mounting will still be similar to the idea I have listed below.

    Now my questions are mostly on mounting. The lamp comes with a strap but I doubt that is going to stay put, my guess is it will slide right off the slick surface of my helmet.

    My thought was to affix a GoPro style base/mount on my helmet. Then find a way to attach the light to that. That would give me great flexibility moving forward.

    Start by affixing something like this to my helmet, curved version.

    From that point I would attached a standard gopro base plate.

    What I am looking for next is a way to attach a 1" dia. tube to the mount and that would hold the light. I have seen them before, so I know they exist.

    Is this a route worth going, or should I look at other options?

    I like the idea of a gopro style mount because they are usally real solid and adaptable.

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