• 02-10-2020
    Moon shield x auto 300 lumen usb vs Cygolite Hotshot 200
    Help with the choice.
    Moon Shield X Auto 300 Lumen USB (is now in Europe a 30% discount on these flashlights) or Cygolite Hotshot 200?
  • 02-11-2020
    The way I see it you can't lose. Both lights will be bright.

    I own the hotshot 150, great light. I also own one of original Serfas rear lights which had an 80 lumen max output on flash which just so happens to look a lot like the Moon 300. Keep in mind the Moon products are the Euro sister product to the Serfas products. Serfas sells the Spectra 300 which looks a lot like the Moon 300. Not sure how the Moon and Serfas 300's mounting solution works. Mounts to the seat post but can they be aimed?

    Anyway, both the Cygolite and the Moon should have great output and look to have nice UI's. If it were me I'd buy the one that I'm sure I can aim straight back. The Cygolite looks to have an adjustable pivot, not sure about the Moon. I did find a photo of the Moon on ebay and the mount might be able to be aimed but not 100% sure.