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    New question here. Mod a Jexree Owl Clone?

    Hey guys,

    Have read good things here about the Jexree Owl. Bunch of clones available in various flavors of XM-L and XM-L2 but AFAIK none are yet offered in Neutral White. Kaidomain offers the light head alone in a "White" XM-L2 U2, kinda hard to tell from the accompanying beam shot exactly what the color or pattern of the emitted light might look like in real life. Anyway, the various pics indicate a couple of screws on the back, don't see any on the front Wonder whether it's feasible to open up this puppy and free the emitters enough to reflow them, just in case? Might also want to switch out reflectors for optics if possible, guessing the whole procedure would be complicated by the glow rings. Any info would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    There was a discussion of this at the same time as the Yinding was introduced. I was undecided between the Owl and the Yinding. Another, cooler model was the Jexree Bat, which was the thre LED version.

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    Usually the Chinese lights with the notches in the bezels can be opened up by unscrewing the bezel. Often they are not tightened very well and you can unscrew them with a snap ring plier. It will likely scratch the finish a bit though. Best would be to machine a driver that engages all the notches.
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    Oh, yeah, I saw those threads. Dunno whether Vilendank got to the emitter board, looked like he freed up the driver from the back and maybe that was it? Imagine you'd still have to get the bezels off the front to pop out the emitters and that would require a special tool. Don't have access to my brother's machine shop right now so wouldn't want to get that involved with such a project. Remember how my first MagicShine 816 came with its two diffusing lenses all cockeyed, was able to unfasten one of the bezels to correct the orientation but the other was jammed on so tight nothing could loosen it.

    Saw that Vilendank was unhappy with the tint from the LEDs even though he did get the version of the Owl with XM-L2 U2. Never did follow up on reflowing the emitters to the more neutral he desired so I still don't know how feasible that might be.

    The Bat is cool too but I was more interested in the Jexree Owl clone for its two glow rings, which would be especially great for my commuter hybrid when in the city. (Already own a couple MS single emitter clones with strobe but they are not exactly appropriate here. Other "be seen" lights have broken off in no time.) Figured if the beam from the Owl were too spotty out on the trail it could be corrected with optics, provided I could open up the front. Now I'm less sure of that possibility, D'oh!

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