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    MJ-872 battery question

    I am currently planning on purchasing this light through amazon.com due to a gift card needing to be used. Amazon is selling this light with the "improved MJ-828 battery". However, this battery is not currently listed by magicshine. A google search revealed some posts from 2011 referring to the same old battery in a new case. Amazon is also carrying the MJ-872 with the same battery noted on their website for less money. Anybody care to clarify this? Thanks

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    I questioned this as well and wrote Action Led to ask which was better. Here is the response

    "We offer the MJ-872 with 2 battery options, the standard MJ-6038 and the High capacity MJ-6030H.
    The MJ-6038 is 4400mAh and built from BAK battery cells in a hard shell case.
    The MJ-6030H is 5600mAh and built from Samsung cells also in the same hard shell case.
    The MJ-828 was the same battery as the MJ-6038 but in an aluminum case with a built in Voltmeter. We stop carrying this battery because it had to may problems. The voltmeter is a constant drain on the battery and it must be topped up every couple of months prevent it draining flat which will ruin it."

    I am buying mine from Action Led on Amazon. The difference between the other high rated seller and theirs is 10 bucks. Well worth it for their knowledge and great customer service record.

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    6030h are great batteries. For the extra bucks I would definitely get the 6030s. And Jim at Action is top notch. Excellent customer service.

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    I ended up getting the 872 with the regular 6038 battery. After a couple rides I've noticed that the battery life color indicator on the light itself goes to orange after only 45 min or so of alternating between low and medium while climbing. It is pretty much instantly red after that on high. After about 1hr 45min the light doesn't like to stay on high for more than 30 seconds and switches from high to low power automatically (with maybe 30 min total running on high). Sometimes it will turn itself back onto high for a bit. Just wondering if this is common. I was guessing that the automatic switch to low was due to excessive heat build up but I don't reacall reading anything about it...

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