Making my "vision" a reality.-
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    Making my "vision" a reality.

    Repurposed Surefire Minimus Vision.
    Was looking at $100 and up headlights today, but I don't actually ride at night, and just need something for making sure oncoming drivers can see me when I "fitness ride" the neighborhood hills in the evening, and don't beat the sun otw back home.
    Had several dozen CR123As that weren't doing anything but going out of date, and the Vision has been sitting in a drawer the last couple years, too, so:
    Making my "vision" a reality.-rscn9283_01.jpg

    Making my "vision" a reality.-dscn9289_01.jpg

    Making my "vision" a reality.-dscn9288_01.jpg

    Making my "vision" a reality.-dscn9287_01.jpg
    The zip tie behind the light tensions the ones on the body, so it swivels as intended with enough pressure, but otherwise doesn't move. Not sure if it'll stay where I put it on the bumpy roads around here, so the "design" may have to be revised, but it's plenty of light for what I need it to do. Aside from that one zip-tie end, I think it actually looks pretty cool

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    Looks good! Visibility is never a bad thing. It's one of my greatest fears is to fail to see a pedestrian or cyclist. I'm a fkn million mile trucker and that's my biggest worry. Fk the cars cutting me off. The *******s that hit their exit from 3lanes over.... They suck and don't even know how ignorant they are. The cyclist obeying the law doing what we enjoy getting crunched just suxx. Use whatever u can buddy, cause 50% of drivers are on their phones anyway.

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    Since there was no description of the lamp in the OP I decided to do a search to see what features the lamp offered. I saw a couple listings on Amazon and almost fell out of my chair when I saw how much they were asking for these. Wow, is someone really willing to pay over $140 for a 75 lumen head lamp? ( not me said the flee, )

    I'm sure the lamp will provide some noticeable illumination at dusk but I think you would be better served by a typical mini flasher that is designed for just that. I use a Performance Axiom Ultra Spark for being seen at dusk. I'm one of those people who believe that when it comes to being seen with low out-put lighting you need something with some good "flash modes". The 70 lumen Axiom ( @~$35 ) is a good choice for something that takes little space and gets the job done.

    I use mine on the bars ( on flash ) during dusk but when full darkness hits I move the Axiom to my front fork and set it to"flicker" mode. I point it slightly upward so it doesn't reflect off the road or add any strange effects to the beam pattern of my main lamp. This then gives any approaching traffic two visual points of reference to help get me seen.

    Yes, I know the lamp you have has an SOS mode but SOS modes IMO are crap ( for bike use ). Good part is you have something that should get you seen but I still think you'd be better off with a lamp that has a good ( repetitive ) flash pattern. While it's nice to earn some Brownie points for recycling a lamp, that's not going to help you attain a better visual presence on the road if there is something that might work better.

    Well, enough of my nit-picking. Enjoy the ride.
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