Magicshine work with just 2 cells? High current?-
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    Magicshine work with just 2 cells? High current?

    Two of the cells of my magicshine pack are at 0V. Seems to be a fairly common problem.

    I've taken the pack apart and I'll be able to put it together with just the two good cells in series. This will obviously halve the capacity of the battery, and that doesn't bother me. But will the increased current draw be too high for the cells?

    Since they are unbranded cells I don't know what to look up, but I read somewhere that in general 18650 cells can output up to around 13A. That seems ridiculously high and maybe I misread it. But will I encounter any problems other than reduced run time? (Heat? Explosion? Loss of body parts?)

    I'm going to buy a balancing charger, make a 1 pin cable from between cells, and make a cable pack to charge these batteries properly for the future. Hopefully my remaining battery and the spare I intend to order will last longer with proper charging!

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    Most PCB will limit current draw to around 4 amps. Higher than 4 amps can begin to damage lithium ion batteries. Lithium polymer have a much higher draw rate and you can find them limited at 7 or 8 amps. Some lipo's are limited at 2 amps as well. May be a cell quality issue. Not sure.
    Any lithium ion 7.4 volt pack will work just fine with the magicshine. Check out or
    Option 2 is just get the replacement battery from
    Once a pcb/battery gives me issues I get rid of it.
    Some of the guys here really know/understand these batteries, but if you aren't an expert on pcb/battery charging, I just don't think it's worth taking the increased risk.

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    Agreed odtexas, once a battery pack has issues, we recommend replacing and disposing as there is no point in taking chances. Email us at [email protected] iancl and we'll see what we can do to help you out
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