Magicshine problem- need some help-
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    Magicshine problem- need some help

    Ok, so I know nothing about batteries and electricity and all that and I have been having some problems with my Magicshine 872. I have had it for maybe 2 years and have had no problems until now. The battery is an older style silver one with a big velcro strap and volt meter on it.

    During a ride where I encountered some very heavy rain, the light stopped working. I don't remember if it stopped before the rain, but I think it was some time during.

    So I get home, let it dry out for quite a while and it still does not work. Taking the battery apart, there is nothing obviously wrong on the inside (but then again what do I know). If I plug the battery in, the charge level indicator and volt meter will turn on and seem to remain operational until plugged into the light and then they seem to die unless plugged back into the charger (they read full charge and volts when working). The light did work for a few seconds at one point but doesn't seem to turn on at all now.

    I bought a new battery, thinking that was the issue, and when plugged into the charger it reads as fully charged. But with the new battery, the light does not turn on at all either.

    So, do I need a new light head? If so, why would an issue with the head cause the old battery's charge indicator to shut off? Something else?

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    Sounds like a short in the lighthead which is causing the protection in the battery pack to trip which is why it appears "dead" until plugged back into the charger which then resets the protection circuit. (Sorry for the run on sentence!)

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    Yes, looks like short circuit. Check the cable: probably, it needs replacement. In many cases, you can just cut damaged part of cable near light head (where the cable is bent a most): it's a typical "problem zone". Also, inspect the light's internals for bad soldering, loose wire etc.

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