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    Magicshine Allty 2000 review

    First I want to thank Magicshine for providing this light for me to review. It's been quite a while since I had the opportunity to use a Magicshine product and am impressed with the overall improvement in fit/finish/perceived quality. Compared to other similar lights I've tried it excels in some areas but not all so lets examine my experiences with this light from the last month or so.


    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-screenshot_2020-02-09-magicshine-bike-light-allty-2000-drl-bike-light-built-oled-display.jpg

    Couple of thing I want to add to this Magicshine chart are cool white emitter tint and that the Allty 2000 has a flood beam pattern. Runtimes are very accurate as are output claims with the exception of max. output which falls a little short of their listed claim + a bit of bonus high mode runtime.

    Fit and finish

    First class fit and overall finish on this light. Look and feel of quality that's about on par with my Bontrager Ion 1300 and L&M lights and a step ahead of what you get with Luminas and Cygolites.

    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-001.jpg Magicshine Allty 2000 review-005.jpg

    UI and controls

    This is one of the areas the Allty 2000 excels in. Mode button is excellent! Requires very little pressure to activate but also very positive and accurate. There are a lot of setting options but basically it's just a long press to turn on/off, double click to select what mode you want, and single click to navigate to your desired intensity in each mode. There's 5 different modes (DRL/DRL+spot/DRL+flood/DRL+spot & flood/DRL+flashing spot & flood) with 4 intensity settings in each with the exception of the DRL mode which only has 1, so 17 possible settings. Here's a link to an excellent Magicshine youtube video on the mode operation and a chart of the different settings.

    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-screenshot_2020-02-09-magicshine-bike-light-allty-2000-drl-bike-light-built-oled-display.png


    Another high point for this light is the Garmin style mount. Simple quality solid feel to this mount. Very light and adaptable to any bar size or shape. The mounting is not tool free but tool is included and very simple after you've done it once. Very solid and advantage to this attachment method is perfect aim after first adjustment. Gopro adapter that attaches to the garmin interface is also included and a helmet mount is an available option though I consider the light a little heavy for this and the beam pattern is more bar oriented.

    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-screenshot_2020-02-09-magicshine-bike-light-allty-2000-drl-bike-light-built-oled-display.jpg

    Battery, runtime, and OLED display

    As shown in the above linked video the light has field replaceable batteries but they are a sealed unit so a ($42.99) Magicshine battery is your only option. Runtimes are very close to what's claimed except the brightest mode which ran longer mainly because it would activate the thermal protection about every 5 min. after the first 15 min. of operation if left in that mode. For me this hasn't been a big deal because I don't use that much output on the bars even mtn. biking but something to note if you plan on using max. output for more than a few min. at a time. A little less plastic for the lighthead body would help but I'd like to see the use of more effecient emitters like XP-L's or even better XHP50.2's which both should require a little less current to power the light while still maintaining the same output, run cooler, and extend the the runtime. As is the 2 hrs. of around 1000 lumen output med. high mode and 3.5 hrs of 500 lumen output med. mode will probably be more than enough for most users, I'm just fond of 50 mi. rides. Not to forget the OLEM display since it always displays available runtime by the min. which makes it super easy to keep track of how much time you have left or to start with (very nice feature!). Proved to be very accurate and recalculates quickly to mode changes.

    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-screenshot_2020-02-09-magicshine-bike-light-allty-2000-drl-bike-light-built-oled-display.jpg

    Beam pattern and output characteristics

    Beam pattern for the Allty 2000 is a very satisfying flood beam. Of the lights I've used it most closely matches the Taz series L&M lights so does a pretty good good job for off road use. For road/path use it has too much top spill (IMO). A little help here from Magicshine would definitely make this a better light for its intended purpose.

    Similar in size and weight (not output)
    Orange = Allty high mode
    Green = Allty med. high mode
    Red = Cygolite Ranger 1400 boost mode
    Black = NR Lumina 1200 boost mode
    Blue = Bontrrager Ion 1300 high mode
    Magicshine Allty 2000 review-allty-2000-vs.jpg **click on image to expand**

    Looking at the above output vs. runtime chart you can see the Allty doesn't quite make its claimed 2000 lumens but with the exception of the dips from the thermal mode activation maintains its output level pretty good to the end of each measured mode (high and med. high). I included the med. high mode on the chart since it was the brightest mode I actually used while riding. It provided a stable output from start to finish in the 900-1200 lumen range I prefer for off road or road situations that required a little more light than the 500 lumen med. mode (which worked great for most situations). Unfortunately the lights small size and lighter weight than other dual cell self-contained works against it for the highest output setting. A little more heat-sink mass and surface area would help but also as I mentioned earlier the use of more efficient emitters (XP-L or XHP50.2's) would potentially allow for an equally powerful light that runs cooler with longer runtimes.


    I think what I like the most about this light is how easy it is to use. You don't have to fiddle with anything! It just takes a second to mount (literally), everything works easily and as it should and the Allty does a great job of lighting the way. It may not be the best in every performance category but for ease of use it's the best I've tried (I currently own about 50 different bike lights). I think for most commuter/path users the performance shortcomings will be of little concern since that's mostly how I used the light and had no issues while riding. I think better control of beam top spill is something that needs attention though for the lights main intended purpose. I hope this review will help anyone interested in deciding if this light is right for you. I very much enjoyed using this light and again thank Magicshine for the opportunity to test it.

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    What, no beam shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andychrist View Post
    What, no beam shots?
    Sorry, not a big fan of beam shots. I do them once in a while to show something side by side but mostly to compare beam shape. Most of the beam shots I take tend to make everything look the same. But if you feel cheated here's a link to a review that has some (not very good) beam shots of the Allty 2000.

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