Magicshine 2300 Combo Review.-
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    Magicshine 2300 Combo Review.

    Me and the girlfriend each bought the 2300 Combo from Geoman. Ordered it very late on a Wednesday night, and had it Friday.

    Tried it out on a shakedown ride last night. We were out for about an hour and 45 minutes. We used both the helmet and handlebar lights on High the entire ride.

    The 2 side flood lamps put out a really nice, very wide, spread of light that brings out the contrast of rocks and dips. Really helps with those areas from right under the bars out to about 20-30 feet out. The center light helps reach out further down the trail, adding contrast to objects further out.

    The helmet light has a far reaching beam, but not at all narrow. It has a quite large bright area, and a lot of spill to the sides, and no hot spots. Very usable, and you could ride quite fast with it as your only light. I have a Niterider Cyclone HID and the Magicshine is on par with it. Keep in mind, that used to be a $500 light, and is still being sold for around $350.

    Together though, you get much more depth perception and contrast. Also, I feel that my balance is improved over just a helmet light, because you can move your head around to see up around a bend, and yet the area in front of the bike stays lit up. If you turn to look out into the desert, you can still be looking forward out of your peripheral vision, instead of it now being dark in front of your wheels, which keeps you from having to reorient yourself. It really makes it much easier than just a helmet light alone!!

    On our ride of about an hour and 45 minutes, our headlamps were still showing in blue(75%) At about 1:40 of the ride my handlebar light went to yellow(50%) I was running all 3 lights at high. You could easily turn them down a little to get more run time, or run the 2 side lights only on the bar, with the helmet light ,and then turn on the center light for fast descents. On my girlfriends 31.8 handlebar her light did not move. On my 25.4 handlebar I did have to tweak the light back up a couple times during the ride after riding through some really rocky sections. I am going to add a layer of gorrilla tape to my bar to thicken it up and make it more grippy, and it should do the trick.

    Took a little figuring on how to use the helmet mount, but I looked at a Lupine Wilma video, and it showed how. Go out from the mount with the strap a fairly good distance down the helmet on the outside,then go inside the helmet and back up to the outside and through the other slot, then it wraps back onto itself on the outside and is very secure.

    All in all, this is a great light setup. It does not feel cheaply made, and the connectors worked well, as did all the mounts. It puts out a lot of light, and is also light in weight. And then there is the price. I outfitted 2 riders with both excellent helmet lights, and excellent bar mount lights, for under $420. Many people spend over $420 for just ONE light head. Yes, it is an excellent value.

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    Good little Review,

    I got the first review in on DX, heres what i said!

    I use it with the MJ808 too.

    16W BIke light Arrived Yestrday! Magicshine MJ-816 - took its time.

    No pictures yet, too busy at work.

    Good points:

    Nice size
    Good construction
    No flashy (rave) mode
    Stepless Brightnes control is good (see below)
    Battery indicator light is a nice touch
    2 x R2 Put out a really nice uniform white light, great for fire road climbs
    Battery appears to be rainproof and the neoprence bag is really good the velcro is elasticated.

    Bad Points

    Still comes with the crap o-ring mount -will swap to my electron mount
    Cable lengths are questionable, the remote cable is too long
    Brightness is remembered from 2xR2 or 1xP7 when you go to all on, wish this didnt happen as you cant just click full power, you have to press and hold to get it.
    p7 has the green tint of the origanl MS
    Battery is heavier due to the waterproof case.


    For 80 from DX posted this is a steal, id think it may be about 900 lumens, nowhere near the claimed 1400, but good non the less. construction is a notch above the first Magicshine.

    Any Questions or pic requests let me know.

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