Magic Shine: P7 vs. XM-L-
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    Magic Shine: P7 vs. XM-L

    I'm trying to decide whether to spend the $55 via Geoman and get the XM-L Magic Shine to replace my P7.

    I'm having minor trouble with the switch, as I have to push it very hard to turn it off/change modes. I find this irritating because there is no thermal limit protector in my P7 and I often have to stop for long enough that I have to turn off my light. I've read the new XM-L is not only brighter, but has a wider beam and noticeably more throw. It also has a better flash mode and thermal limit protector so I wouldn't have to worry about turning it down/off.

    I'm wondering, is the run time about the same with either?

    If I get the XM-L, I'll also get the Y-cable in case I want to run both.

    If anyone has both, can you post your opinions and possibly some pictures?

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    I have the Geoman version of the MS808E. It is an excellent light. Run times on high should be a little better than the original P-7's. However you might find that the mid-level on the new 808E will give you almost as much light as the high mode and should extend run times ( with good visibility ) even more. The new mode menu set-up on the Geoman version works very well. Because the flash mode is on a separate menu you don't have to cycle through flash when you change modes.

    As for running the light when stopped; This is never a good idea, thermal limit protector or no thermal limit protector. Depends of course on how long you're stopped. At a traffic light you should be fine. If you're stopping for more than 5 minutes I would either power down to low or turn it off. Thermal limit switches are basically there for safety sake. Like the low voltage cut-off switches on your battery, you really are better off not testing their limits if you can help it. To sum up: turn the light to low ( or off ) when resting and plan your night rides based on how much run time your battery has. Need I say, a second light or torch for back-up is always a good idea.

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