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    Lupine Remotes: RF v. Bluetooth

    I decided to replace my helmet-mounted Betty R (RF remote) with the new Wilma R (bluetooth remote) for two reasons: (1) The Betty was "flattening" trail details (despite having another Betty on the bar); (2) The RF remote was unreliable to the point where I started pushing the button on the light head instead. I grew tired of fine-tuning my button-pressing technique or turning my head to better align the light head with the remote. Best lighting decision I've made! Now I have the perfect helmet light: bright but not TOO bright; a remote that responds as quickly as you can push the button--you can even perform a rapid "double-click" and the light will respond immediately and consistently.

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    I was curious if the Bluetooth remote would be better. I too have issues with the RF remote as one lamp head is always reacting a bit slower than the other as I run both off of one remote. Maybe time to see what a conversion would cost f Lupine would even do that.

    With the 4900K boards in both Betty's I don't have the issues you have with the terrain been flattened out. To me this new tint makes everything look like warm daylight,, it is a better improvement than I was expecting.

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