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    Lupine and battery choices?

    So Im wondering if anyone has any experience with Lupine lights and using batteries that are non lupine. Specifically, using 7.4V batteries instead of the 7.2 Volt lupine batteries. Generic Li-on batteries of 7.2V are a bit harder to find, where as 7.4V LiPo batteries are everywhere. Especially in the RC scene.

    Can Lupine lights operate ok on 7.4V packs? From my limited research it would seem yes? Sure the Lupine packs are excellent, but they also come at an excellent price.
    Does the Lupine's driver have issues with the extra voltage?

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    7.4V is equal to 7.2V.
    Essentially a fully charged "7.2V" battery is around 8.2-8.4V. Then as you use it the charge goes down, probably even below 7.0V in the case of normal use. Battery protection circuits usually cut off at around 5V, when the charge is so low that the cells are damaged.
    That means that you are fine using any kind of LiIon battery as long as there are N times 2 cells connected parallel (and the 2 are connected in series).
    As for LiPo, I'm not familiar with the characteristics, but I guess something similar. At least there are a couple of light manufacturers who use LiPo (eg. Hidtechnologies, they have both LiPo and LiIon), and I think they can even be charged with the same charger. But you need packs with protective circuits.
    You'll need a source for plugs however... which is not that easy. I have a couple of batteries from eBay that came modified for use with Lupine lights, but one has a connectivity problem, so I'll buy direct from Lupine the next time. Well, its your time and money and annoyance, decide which is worth more :-)

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    Thanks for the info. I just thought i would ask as Li-ion cells are mostly rated at a nominal 3.6v and Lithium Polymer's generally get rated as 3.7V cells.

    I have a few 7.4v, 6Ah Remote Control aircraft LiPo cells I want to make use of. These packs generally top out at around 8.4V when fully charged.
    Also, no one seems to know much about the Lupine LED driver boards.

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    Wonder if my Lupine Piko charger "weisel 3" will charge other brands of 7.4v li-ion 2600mah packs?? I've read that it's proprietary to Lupine batteries..

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    Wiesel charger is good.

    did test, with
    2-cell panasonic 2900mah
    2-cell sanyo 2600
    4-cell MS 4400mah
    4-cell misc
    6-cell samsung

    charger demo piko, and did measure 8.35V at full charge on a piko battery.
    while an old MS charger did 8.16V, not bad, but not great.
    for a simple charger , it is very good.
    do prefer , the more intelligent, RC chargers, with LCD display and processor in it.

    the 7.2V is, more of an average voltage statement, as people tent to use the 7.4V
    to get wh rating, what is always off.
    Lupine lights will work, with other batteries, but if you do screw up,
    don't ask for warranty.
    for your lipo, have at least a lipo monitor on it, since it does not have protection circuit.
    than again, you'd probably have runtime to spare.
    again lupine chargers are good quality no fuss chargers . for 2S , 2cell li-ion.
    if you have a open-light battery, a lupine charger works fine.
    if you have a mistery battery pack, nobody is going to recommend something else.
    as such , you need to be the responsible user, charging the batteries.
    -- that means, use at your own risk!
    Wiesel good. micro more compact, charger one better. Schulze chargers the best.
    oh, with the Wiesel, only charge lupine 2-cells,
    or 4-cell+ others, since the lupine 2-cells , can take the current, others might not.

    just my rambling, precede with caution.
    if a lemming follows a mountain-goat, usually the cliffs ....

    Quote Originally Posted by bncrshr77
    Wonder if my Lupine Piko charger "weisel 3" will charge other brands of 7.4v li-ion 2600mah packs?? I've read that it's proprietary to Lupine batteries..

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