I bought a lumina 350 about a month ago that I just used for maybe the 4th time earlier tonight. I am pretty sure that I fully charged the light after my last night ride about a week ago. With the light on high it went out after about half an hour. The status light never went to red like the manual says it should with about 15% left (unless I just didn't notice, possible but it was mounted on my bars).

Luckily I have another light on my helmet so I was able to ride back to my car without a problem. My first guess was that the light got unplugged last time I was charging it or that storing it for a week or more after charging had depleted the battery. However, when I charged the light when I got home it indicated a full charge after only about 2 hours (the nite rider site says about 4 hours for a full charge).

My plan is to turn the light on high tomorrow when I have some time and see how long it lasts. I'm concerned that it is going to die on me after only half an hour again. If that happens I'm guessing I have a defective light. Has anyone experienced this with a lumina? Am I missing something else that might cause this? It just seems really odd that the light would work fine for a few rides and then crap out for no apparent reason.