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    Looking at a light upgrade. Educate me...

    I have an old NiteRider Blowtorch and a Princenton Tec Switchback II. I love the run time on the Switchback but it's not all that bright. The blowtorch has a nice light output but the battery is pretty large and fairly heavy.

    I'm looking at the Niterider MiNewt Pro 750. Anyone have one of these than can compare it to the blowtorch. Light pattern, weight & brightness. It would be nice to have a little brighter light but more importantly lighter and smaller.

    What about Magic Shine? Can someone recommend one that is brighter & lighter than my old Blowtorch? How about any other lights?
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    Did you read through any of the other threads? Did you look at the 2012 or 2013 light shootout? hmmm...

    Basically if you are on a budget there are 3 options......
    All are going to be brighter and smaller than your previous lights.
    Ideal setup is a floody light on the bars and a thrower (spot) on the noggin.
    Perceived differences in brightness will become more difficult the brighter the light.
    Stay away from clones (direct from china, $39.99, 7400lm, 28,000ma batt, 422 hrs on high), eg....

    Magicshine - ($124-200), slightly lower quality, higher weight, bulkier, not as bright as advertised (880 for helmet,816 for bars, 872 for either)

    Gloworm - ($180-220), new company, see forum threads, great reviews, as advertised, small, light, bright, great mounting options and cust. service, great quality (X2 for bars, X1 for helmet)

    Gemini - ($180-270), established company, great reviews, small, light, great quality, see forum threads, great reviews, as advertised, (Xera for helmet, Duo or Olympia for bars)

    Really can't go wrong with any of these companies. All have slightly different feature sets. All batteries are compatible. SEARCH for the multitude of beam shots and reviews posted on this forum. Full yet?

    If you have deep pockets, Niterider, Lupine, or MyTinySun are your best options.

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    Looked at the 2013 Shootout but my biggest concern is a light compared to my NiteRider. Sometimes one can look at forum after forum and not get a good answer. Sometimes it's just easier to just aske your question straight out.
    A friend of mine has a Light & Motion Stella 200. It is now replaced with a 300. I borrowed it and hope to take it for a spin later this week. But shining it in my back yard it doesn't look as bright as my NiteRider. So I'm guessing the Stella 300 would be close. With that said now that I have an idea of what lumens my current light is I have a better idea of where I currently stand. And the shootout makes more sense to me. I see a lot of those lights will be an upgrade from what I have now. Which is what I'm looking for. I checked out the Magicshine 872 and liked the price. But just concerned about it because it looks like a lot of light for a much less price than the "deep pocket" lights. A lot of times you get what you pay for. I'll have to check ouot those other lights you suggested.
    Thanks for your input
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    I bought one myself earlier and heard nothing but good feedback on it. I don't really understand why a lowly LED light can cost US$600 or more !!!

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    I don't do any night MTB but I do ride the levee on my cross bike and I start before sunrise. I have the Lupine Piko on my bars and it's way more than I need. Very secure mount. Make a great helmet light.
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    I had the NR Cyclone HID light and it was roughly equivalent to the original Magicshine light which I think is in the 500 lumen range. I still have one of the original Magicshines which my friend uses. I would think the Minewt Pro would put out noticeably more light than the NR HID.

    I have a couple Lupines and a couple of Gloworm X2's and they all outdo the NR HID by a long shot. The Glowworm X2 is a nice light weight light at the price they are selling them for. It puts out the claimed 1,200 Lumens and works well for helmet and bar mounting. I love Lupines, but the price is more than most people are willing to spend on a bicycle light and there are a ton of other options out there now.

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