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    Looking for decent quality 8.4 v battery

    I have a number of various Magicshine type lights that I allow people to use as lenders for a weekly night cyclocross practice. I charge the batteries during the week with a decent smart charger, but I'm finding that many or most don't hold a charge for more than an hour.

    I'd like to get some decent replacements, but find so many different options.

    Can someone suggest a vendor that makes an affordable battery with an attachment to the bike? Thanks.

    I'm using some of the silver replacement magicshines, but they don't seem to hot, along with someof the smaller 2 x 18650's.

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    I have been running some gemini packs for about a year now and they are fantastic. Samsung cells inside. These 2600mah 2 cell packs last around 2 hrs on high with the old magicshine heads. The plug is compatible with pretty much all of the Chinese stuff.

    Battery Pack 2-cell | Gemini Lights

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    This MagicShine 4.4ah battery from Action-led-lights are a good value for the money. The Gemini batteries use good quality Samsung cells, but you can literally get 2 of the .4.4Ah MagicShine batteries for the price of one 5.2Ah Gemini battery.

    As another alternative, I used some very inexpensive R/C hardshell case batteries and charged with an R/C charger. You have to fabricate your own connector, but the batteries are cheap, last a long time, and are built for high discharge/recharge cycles typical of R/C car racing. Just a word of warning about this though: The voltage cutoff on the MJ-808 light heads are so low it can kill one of these batteries by over discharging it. So when you see the flashing red light, you REALLY need to stop using it.

    See this thread for more info on R/C type batteries.

    I put a soft-shell 5000mah pack in an old water bottle and it worked great:

    "Got everything you need?"

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