• 11-22-2019
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    Looking for AA battery tail light
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    Ordered this tail light from aliexpress a couple weeks ago but it hasn't yet shipped so I suppose it never will, typical Ali.


    I know the JS is a piece of crap but donít care because itís such a good fit size wise for my Ibera disk rack ó even if/when the light fails, will still make a good reflector for that space. No flashing mode, just steady on. Isnít particularly bright so wonít blind anyone behind me on the trail and run time should be acceptable with the AA eneloop Pros that I ordered elsewhere at the same time, which supposedly have already shipped.

    So, anyone know where in NA I can find a AA tail light, preferably ~12cm (4-3/4Ē) across like the JS from Ali, to span the width of a rear rack mount? Not looking for AAA, already have a couple of those and over a dozen USB blinkies, just want to be able to use the AA eneloops already on order for their comparatively long run times.

    RANS XP Ibera Disk Rack MTB Reflector Rear Planet Bike Grateful Red Tail Light by andyXchrist, on Flickr

    Pictured is the 9cm wide reflector currently installed on the Ibera which Iím looking to replace with a 12cm tail light, just because Iím never satisfied.

  • 11-25-2019
    Someone on BikeForums referred me to a comparable item on the German Amazon, where I found a link to this tail light


    which would suit me fine ó if only there were a way to order it from the USA! :madman:
  • 11-29-2019
    Found this: https://www.amazon.com/Serfas-TL-SSR...0H85G144MAEQMH

    Runs up to 120 hours Flash mode on two AA batteries.

    Stratus XPC Planet Bike Grateful Red Serfas Stop Sign by andyXchrist, on Flickr

    A lot better quality than would have guessed for only $12.95. Silicone O-ring mount is super heavy duty, best Iíve ever seen of that type. But LEDs appear super bright when viewed head on in any mode, so probably not so good for trails. But great for annoying motorists! :p