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    Long term storage of Magicshine battery?

    I'm getting out of headlight season for my commute, and I got the 1000 Lumen Magicshine headlight in the middle of this winter. I've only had AA powered lights before this. I will use the headlight a couple times throughout the summer, but for the most part it will sit unused until October or November. Do I need to do anything special or just stick it in a drawer?

    Should I charge it fully before storing it? Drain it fully? Set it upside down? Pack it in ice? Wrap it in tinfoil? Put it in the fridge? Anything?
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    Don't drain or charge it fully. Half full to 3/4 full is what lipos like when in storage.
    They are like humans when we chill - don't like being too full or having an empty stomach.

    I don't think it wants to live in ice, the fridge or tinfoil.

    How would you like someone storing you upside down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommuterBoy View Post
    Should I charge it fully before storing it? Drain it fully? Set it upside down? Pack it in ice? Wrap it in tinfoil? Put it in the fridge? Anything?
    I think the best is, to [dis]charge it to about 70% and put in the refrigerator. Protect from moisture, too.

    Also, periodical voltage check may be useful: the battery's protection circuit consumes small amount of current, so eventually recharge needed to compensate that.

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    I'd recommend just storing in the *fridge in a plastic container with about a 75-50% charge. ( * DO NOT PUT IN THE FREEZER ) Li-ion have a very low self-discharge so you should be good for at least a couple months. After a couple months I'd take it out ( let it warm up first ) and than test to make sure the charge isn't too low. If your lamp has a low-voltage warning it will let you know right away if the battery needs a bit more of a charge.

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