Lights for racing-
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    Lights for racing

    I'm wanting to do a 6hr race soon that is from 6pm-midnight, but I need some better lights.
    I have a fairly low budget, so i was looking at the Magicshine 900 light.

    Would I be ok with just that light on my helmet? Should I get the racer's special, with 2 battery's?

    Sorry, I am pretty new to racing at night.


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    I would get at least the racer's special, because the MS900 light battery lasts about 3-4 hours on High mode. If it were me, I'd get two of the MS900 racer specials, one for the bars and one for the helmet. Personally, I use just one on the helmet and it's plenty bright enough for normal riding. But if I were really pushing it, I'd want just a bit more light directly in front of me (bar light), and then lots of light wherever I happen to be looking (helmet).

    BTW, what is your budget?
    "Got everything you need?"

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    I wouldn't get the racer's special. I'd recommend getting two lights, one for the helmet and one for the bars, and running them both on medium. Two MS900 on medium is plenty enough light. You also don't have to worry about dealing with multiple batteries per light in term of switching them during the race or keeping multiple batteries charged up. On medium, that'll give you about 7 hours of runtime and for racing it's much better to have both a bar and helmet light. The bar light casts shadows and really helps with depth perception and the helmet light lets you look around corners. Also, the magicshine is much more reliable when you run on it medium as opposed to high. That's because it stays much cooler on medium and doesn't stress the electronics in the light. The other reason two completely different lights is good, is for overall reliability. The chances of having a failure with both lights is extremely low.

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