Lighting short trail vs bike lighting-
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    Lighting short trail vs bike lighting

    Have been riding in the evenings around our backyard, roughly a 0.1 mile loop.

    From an effectiveness / cost effectiveness standpoint, am I better off with a bike mounted light or trying to light the area I'm riding itself?

    We have a garage in the middle of the yard with a few flood lights pointed towards the house that I could cover the half closest to the house with no problem. At the back of the lot, though, there are a few trees that would make it difficult to fully cover with just additional lights mounted on the back of the garage.

    Solar lighting is a possible option, but the longevity of the batteries in winter is a concern (I'll also likely be xc skiing in the yard during winter as well).

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    With simple and cheap in mind I was going to recommend just a simple torch ( flashlight ) for the bars. Then I remembered you also mentioned XC skiing as well. Staying into the cheap and multi-purpose line of thought perhaps a simple helmet / head lamp would do you right. Perhaps something like the Skillhunt H03R ( note; there are three versions of this torch, I'd recommend going with the "R" version. )

    Something like this you wear on your head or buy a second mount and mount to your helmet ( headband / mount is included ). For what you are planning to do I think this would work very well. You will however need to buy batteries and a charger for the H03R. Orbtronic is where I purchase my 18650 cells. They ship from USA and arrive within a short number of days. You can also buy a charger from them as well ( or buy one off of ebay ) Buy as many batteries as you think you will need but in your case I'd think two would be enough even though I doubt you'd need more than one.

    FWIW I own one of the Zebralight head lamps that is similar in form factor to the Skillhunt ( but cost twice as much ). The periscope type of torch tends to provide a rather wide beam pattern but some are wider than others. Wide is fine but you don't want something too wide. Anyway useful in some applications but not all if you ride fast or desire more throw. Some people swear by them but since I like a fast downhill I prefer something with more throw. Otherwise they should work very well for general riding and should be great for something like XC skiing or hiking.

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