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    Lighting for path riding?

    I am a beginner rider and am thinking about the possibility of riding my local suburban paved paths and local streets at night for when the days are too hot. I'm sorry if this has been asked a billion times already, but what would be good lights for me to use? Is there a specific rating or lumen number I should look for? I want to ensure I'm nice and visible to the cars I may pass along the way, because there are a few spots where there is no designated bike path on the route. I don't think I have a very large budget to work with for this, unfortunately. Thanks for your tips!
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    My commute is on a bunch of paved paths as well as roads - I've been using a cygolite dualcross pro for the past few years - it's 310 lumens, and it's plenty bright for that sort of riding. For rearward visibility, get some bright blinker lights - I have two planetbike superflash lights - very bright. Also a good idea to wear reflective clothing and have some reflective stuff on the side of the bike. People are bad at watching for bikes during the day, and it just gets worse when it's dark out

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    It all depends how good your night vision is and how fast you like to ride. I have bad night vision, plus I like to ride very fast. 310 lumens would most definitely not do it for me. Double or tripple that is what I need. The other thing is, lumens are pretty cheap these days if all you want are just lumens.

    You could start by buying one of those cheapo Magicshines for $79 from see how you like it. If down the road you become a serious night rider, you can always upgrade to a better light and use the MS for backup.

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    Hi MTBKitty,

    My two cents worth is that you get a good solid light that isn't horribly expensive yet costs enough to last for a long time. I don't work for NiteRider but I think a really neat light that would probably suit your needs really is the MiNewt 150 or 250, despite a fairly high retail price they can generally be found at reputable bike shops all over the country or online for less than $100.

    Here's a link for one at Jenson USA:

    The reason I think this light may suit your needs well is it's simplicity and the ability to take it to your local bike shop if you need extra parts or work done on it, some the less expensive or well known lights won't allow for that.

    I also think that the Light In Motion VIS360 is a really cool little light that was designed as a bike path/commuter system. It comes with a tail light too I believe which is something you should definitely have for safety. They are a good company and the light would probably last you a very long time. This is also a system that your local bike probably carries and could service if need be.

    Here's a link to their website:

    I work for a light company (Baja Designs) but we primarily make lights for serious commuting (in horrible weather) and hard core lights for 24hr racing/military applications and whatnot. I recommended the lights I did because in my opinion I thought they might fit your riding requirements and both of those systems come from good solid companies, with local bike shop support.

    Hopefully that helps, have fun and be safe out there!


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    In my opinion 200 lumens is the minimum for me for road riding.

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