Light suggestions for e-bike commute-
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    Light suggestions for e-bike commute

    Hi all,
    I'm looking to upgrade my current light set so I can get more power/throw for e-bike commuting. My current lights (Dinotte XML3 on bars and XML1 on helmet), aren't sufficient for high speed commuting (25-ish MPH on a combo of brightly lit urban streets with lots of traffic, and also 6-ish miles of very dark bike path). Since my Dinotte batteries are dying, I figure now is a good time to upgrade - the Dinotte lights have been great for years of mountain biking, but they don't have the throw I'm looking for (at least in the models I currently own).

    My biggest concern is throw - I'd like to be able to see much farther ahead to spot potholes, puddles, piles of leaves, homeless people darting out from the woods, etc.

    I'm considering making a switch to Glowworm - probably an XSV on the bars and X2 or XS on helmet, with spot lenses on the helmet and some combo of spot/wide on the bars.

    Any thoughts/suggestions on either the Glowworm combo or some other possibilities?

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    Since you wrote "commute" here are some lights which i think are more appropriate:

    How about a Supernova M99 Mini Pro? There is a thread here with some nice beamshots. You can easily see about 180 ft with that light in low beam (cut-off) and beyond 180ft in high beam mode.
    The Outbound Road/Trail can be plugged to an e-bike light port as well (up to 14V, draws ~18-20W), the road gives your probably also around 150-180ft reach.
    Lupine SL or SL-F would be another (costly) option.
    The B&M IQ-XE has also quite a good low beam with a lot of reach (>150 ft)

    I either own or have seen all of these lights in action.

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