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    Light Recommendation Help

    I am looking for advice on which light to get.

    I have been using cheapo chinese lights for the past few years and am ready to upgrade to something else. For the most part, I have actually been pretty satisfied with the chinese lights (I am not too picky). What I don't like is the O ring mounts not staying put and the spotty battery performance. Have had them go out on my in the middle of my rides on numerous occasions.

    I was about to put down on a gloworm x2 or possibly xs if I can get myself to part with the money. But, that handlebar remote looks pretty hokey and I suspect would really annoy me after a while. But, I am liking the new mount.

    The geminis look good, but they have the same O ring mount that I am sick of. Any upgrade mounts for these?

    What light do you recommend? Anything cheap or moderately priced, with a nice aluminum handlebar mount.

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    You can upgrade the mounts on the cheap chinese lights also. This for example would fit "most" Quick Release Bar Mount for Magicshine lights – Action-LED-Lights

    Or a go-pro style adapter is also available. If you're picky about the beam pattern just buy something where you can easily change the optics inside and then you'd probably find something suitable

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    Why not just invest in nice batteries then? That's what I did, my cheapo LED light is still my work horse after I replaced its battery. I went from barely an hour on high power from the OEM battery to 4 hours on high power with a nice name-brand battery. I got my Xeccon battery from the info provided in this thread that is now a few years old:
    I don't think it is offered to the US anymore.

    But I see this thread has a few pages now and I suspect the battery is pretty nice:

    I personally really like the O ring mounts, they go easy on and off and accommodate various diameter bars to mount to.

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    Never had a problem with oring mounts but if your use bigger/heavier lights that's why they don't stay put. Smaller lights that arent stupid heavy never move for me and I ride some pretty rough rooty stuff on a hardtail.

    Also think you'd like the glowworm remote. The little remote buttons like that are actually really nice to have.

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    Other than the old P-7 808 MS I had which came with incredibly cheap O rings that two snapped in the first week I have never had any issue with all others. Lupine Betty/Wilma never moved around as well as my Gemini Duo/Xera. They come with two sizes of O rings and to be extra sure there would be no movement either put a touch of friction tape on the bar or use the smaller O ring and I cant see you having any issue with movement.

    The Gloworm is a great product especially if you prefer NW emitters. If that isn't a concern the 2016 Gemini products look pretty sweet. And yes there are some GoPro adapters out there that also help disperse heat from the lamp head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastakilla View Post
    .....The geminis look good, but they have the same O ring mount that I am sick of. Any upgrade mounts for these?
    This thread covers the GoPro adapters. The second picture shows it on a Yinding which is a Gemini Duo clone. Same adapter fits both lights.

    GoPro adapters are available for most Chinese lights. Upgrade your current lights? PM me or go to the website in my signature line for more info.
    GoPro adapters for bike lights

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