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    Lezyne Deca Drive emitters

    I'm looking for a reliable bar-mounted road/commuter light and I contacted Lezyne to inquire if the emitters used in the Deca Drive were Cree XP-G or XP-G2 and Mark Mozart responded, "Hi John, This is top secret info we donít give out. But thanks anyways."

    I want a light with self-contained replaceable batteries it appears Fenix will be introducing the BC30 which looks similar to the Lezyne Deca Drive/ Mega Drive. Maybe Fenix will be more willing to share their tech specs.

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    I thought the BTR20 had replaceable batteries. I could be wrong. it's not self contained, but that has it's good and bad sides.

    I have the Deca drive for road/commute/mtb (mtb with a SuperDrive). It's plenty stupid bright.

    The Deca drive batteries are $40 each and are NOT paired 3400mah 18650s. They are more like 2600 mah each. A good pair of OrbitTech 3400 mah would be $35.

    Since the prices are the same for both, what would I buy now if I had neither? I'd probably get the BTR20.

    I like my Deca drive, the weight on the bars can be a bit of a pain. You have to set the mount correctly. Being able to strap the battery pack on the stem (BTR20) would be nicer. No chance of putting the Decadrive on the helmet.

    I love the idea of the remote switch of the BTR20 too.
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