I want to add some LED strips to my helmet for commuting in the early hours of the morning. Also, this is turning into a bit of a fun project.

I've seen this product:
Light My Lid

Which is essentially 2 12-in strips attached to a 9v battery. Single colors are $15, and multicolor with a remote is $40. They look a little "homemade" though.

I've also seen this product:

Which is a 3.2 ft strip attached to a 9v battery for $20. It's multicolor without a remote. I'd prefer NOT to have a remote, because it's just an extra thing to carry and lose. This option seems to have a higher-quality construction.

The downfall of both, IMHO, is the 9v battery. An LED strip is 12V, so it's going to be underpowered. And a 9v battery is only going to put out about 200 mAh. Maybe 600 if I get EBL rechargeables.

Another option is this:

At $70, it's on the expensive side. It's not multicolor (which I'm mostly interested in for WOW factor). But it appears to be the best constructed with well-insulated and durable wiring. It also comes with a 12V 900mAh waterproof battery pack. (although I'm a little skeptical, because most LED battery packs actually seem to be 11.1V, so I'm wondering if they're fudging the numbers).

Anyway, I'm thinking about some options.

1. Power an LED strip with a Li-Ion battery pack:

That one is 11.1v, 2200 mAh, costs $35, and is composed of 3 18650 LiIon batteries. I could put it in a small waterproof box, and attach the wires to a 2.1x5.5 DC plug.

Is it safe to have this kind of battery back on my helmet?

2. Power the strip with an 11.1v LiPo battery:

I feel like this would NOT be safe to use.

3. Purchase the Lumenflex battery pack for $40, and get a male-to-male connector to attach it to the Lightanything LED Strip. The Lightanything has a male plug on the 9V and the Lumenflex has a female plug on the battery pack.