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This is yet another review of a bike valve light provided to me for review purposes. This review is more than 1 month late as I was very busy in real life!
The light is available at gearbest here. It is priced at about $6.

So here are the usual manufacturer rated specs

  • Decorative light use on bicycle, motorcycle
  • Easy to install, just simply screw on to your tire valve
  • Suitable for both American / French valve
  • Automatic light on, light and shaking sensation
  • Tire LED will look awesome on your bike
  • 15 flashing models, change every 3 seconds
  • Powered by 3 x AG13 button battery ( included )
  • Suitable for both French valve and American valve

Unpacking, impressions and review

The item arrived well packed with very basic instructions at the back of the package. The 3 batteries were included in the package which is a bonus in my opinion!

The value itself is made of clear plastic which keeps the price down and the weight down! Inside the valve is a small oring to prevent water ingress and rattling while riding. Unscrewing the head to insert the batteries revealed another oring. It was adequate in thickness and should prevent water ingress from rain and the likes. However, I noticed a 'connector' quite close to the oring. Hopefully, this does not damage the unit IF somehow some drops of water manage to squeeze in!

Led Bike Valve Review-004-1.jpg

I also notice the adequate threading which of course will help prolong the life of the product as this will help absorb/distribute the shocks of riding on the threads.

Inserting the batteries was easy. The instructions is at the back of the unit. Immediately after inserting the batteries and screwing it back in place, it lit up.

It turned off automatically about 35 seconds after the last movement was sensed. The "automatic light on, light and shaking sensation" thus works as advertised. This should prolong battery life.

I also noticed something about the design which I would call a flaw. The illuminating leds are aligned on one side only giving one side of the unit much more light than the other. Here are some pics to understand what I mean.

Led Bike Valve Review-005-1.jpg Led Bike Valve Review-006-1.jpg

Small video of it in action.
To be uploaded...


  • Low priced
  • Batteries included in package.
  • Available in 3 colors namely white, blue and pink (ugh!)
  • Automatic light on, light and shaking sensation (actually works)
  • Quite bright for those little leds.
  • Useful to be seen at night from the side
  • Great packaging helps protect the item
  • Compatible for French valve and American valve
  • Lightweight as opposed to a full fledged bike wheel light.

Rated lifetime of 12 hours can be on the shorter side IF you ride a few times at night per week, this would eat up the batteries pretty fast.


  • The illuminating leds are infact pointed on one side. This means that one side has about 3x the brightness of the other side. This is a design flaw imo.
  • The quality is ok but the plastic might wear out with some time.

If you are looking for a cheap and working alternative to the programmable bike light which costs anywhere from $28 to 40 to increase your visibility at night or for the cool factor, this is the one to get. It gets the job done properly at the expense of a somehwat short battery life.