Larger Exposure Lights and GoPro Mounts-
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    Larger Exposure Lights and GoPro Mounts

    Anyone have a solution to use the larger series of Exposure Lights (like the MaxxD, for example) with a GoPro-style mount? Iím looking to have the option of running lights and cameras in different mounting locations on the bike while all using the same style of integration.

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    Gopro mounts dont exist because they wont stay stable with that much weight. They will tilt on a first bump so you would be fighting to keep it aimed remotely the direction you want. Also no plastic mount will support the weight, you would be restricted to aluminum mounts only.

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    I'm quite sure an aluminum GoPro adapter and mount will hold that. You would not be able to use the "thumbscrew" at the connection from adapter to mount. Would need to be an allen head screw and wrench tightened. You would not want to use one of the cheap Chinese aluminum mounts. Stick with a K-Edge or one of mine.

    I've made GoPro adapters for aerial survey cameras that weighed ~1.5kG. They worked fine. Admittedly a drone does not subject the mounting to as much jarring as MTB use but those cameras weigh 5X what a MAXXD weighs.

    There have been a couple users mod my plain tab GoPro adapters for use with Exposure lights. I think it only required drilling a hole for the mount screw. Not certain which models of Exposure light they had. Probably some of the smaller ones as they converted them for use with helmet with integral GoPro mounts.
    GoPro adapters for bike lights

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