Its night time in the desert-
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    Its night time in the desert

    All the lower elevation Arizona riders know what time of the year it is now.

    So last night there was a beautiful full moon rising over the mountains. They sun had faded out over the western mountains. The temperature had just dropped under 100 in the Arizona desert, and it was time to ride up the mountain. Lights on, iced up water and Gatorade, said good night to my daughters, and off I went. Dusk quickly faded into night, and the lights were needed at full power. Little eyes look at you from the darkness, desert rodents scurry across the trail, and all sorts of creepy bugs have come out of their daytime hiding. They leave me alone, and I leave them alone. A few times I hear the rattlers shaking, but I don't seem them, and don't want to see any snakes.

    After 8 miles of climbing, it was time to enjoy the twisting, fast descending trail. Trails take on a new challenge at night; even with powerful lights. The computer said the speed peaked at 30 mph. There was no need for sun screen, and the ice did not melt near as fast. 18 miles later safely back in the driveway with temps under 90.

    Night time in the desert.

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    Had a nice little ride myself tonight in Maryland. The clouds that had threatened rain all day cleared away just before the full moon started to rise. With temps in the 80's(F) it was a perfect night for a moonlight ride. Since I started after dark I brought out all my big guns..1200lm on the bars, 900 on the helmet. Nothing like seeing the moon rise over a lake. Tonight I saw a baby fox (red?). I had to slow down because I wasn't sure if it was a skunk or not. Since the trails were still a tad wet from the rain we had earlier in the week I decided to exit the woods via a remote parking area that only the locals know about. My plan was to pop out of the woods and then ride the road back (3-4miles) back to my car. Of course you never know what you are going to see at one of these remote parking lots after dark. The signs posted tell people that the parking area is closed after dusk. Now with all that said I kind'a figured that the locals used the lot as a lovers lane ( which is why I never park there..that and I don't want to return to my car and find it towed )....So, as I approach the gate ( lights a-blazing ), I notice that I have startled a young couple in a SUV ( who I am sure, did not expect something to pop out of the woods at 12 in the morning with 2000lm's going right behind them.. ) I tried not to scare them too bad but with all their windows fogged up I could still tell they were in "fast dress mode".. In less than a minute they had fired up the SUV and were passing me as I rode out the road...trying my damn best not to laugh so as not to piss them off...
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